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Security88 Services

Security88 Services

Your Security

Customized Security

Signal 88 Security’s suite of services provide clients many options when selecting the service mix right for the property, personnel, and other assets they wish to protect. From our flagship randomized roving vehicle patrol services conducted in our well-marked, highly-visible patrol vehicles, to security consultations, Signal 88 Security has the expertise to develop solutions that effectively maximize service levels for each client we service.
Roving Patrols

Signal 88 Security’s flagship service, the Roving Vehicle Patrol, provides clients with the strongest visual deterrent available in the security industry today. Combining the stature of an SUV style vehicle with 3M Brand graphics, LED Lighting, and WiFi Communications Technology, Signal 88 Security’s Roving Vehicle Patrol gives clients maximum criminal deterrent, immediate reporting capabilities, and the ability to respond to a crisis at a moment’s notice.

Our randomized Roving Vehicle Patrol services are the most cost-effective means to providing security at one or multiple client sites on a pay per visit basis. GPS tracked vehicles and time and date stamped electronic reports stored in a completely searchable database provide peace of mind, with verifiable services. Customization of tasks within this service category allows clients the flexibility to address secondary concerns as well, such as:

Maintenance: Lighting, Waste, and Irrigation Assessments
Access Control Services
Facilities Checks: Offices, Pools, Fitness Facilities, Laundry Facilities, etc.
Disturbance and Alarm Response

Dedicated Services

Signal 88 Security’s Dedicated Services offer a wide variety of solutions designed to effectively meet service criteria with our professional security personnel. When a sustained presence is needed Signal 88 Security turns to its Dedicated Services to provide highly trained, highly visible, and highly effective coverage to businesses large and small.

Signal 88’s Security Personnel selection process is second to none establishing standards in an industry that desperately needs them. Every Security Officer Candidate undergoes an extensive interview process and background investigation, which includes a comprehensive criminal history check and immediate and ongoing drug tests. Upon selection, every Security Officer Candidate is required to complete a series of accredited training coursework endorsed by the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). This certified training series is a comprehensive 12-part active learning system that provides up-to-date instruction in safety and security methods, emergency preparedness, effective communications, report writing, ethical conduct, use of force, and crime prevention. Once properly vetted Signal 88 Security Officers must enter Signal 88 Security’s field training program and have many opportunities to continue personal development with a host of additional training coursework available on an ongoing basis.

Virtual Monitoring & Patrolling

Signal 88 Security is revolutionizing Virtual Monitoring ; Patrolling by providing a proactive approach to your security. Designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your new or existing surveillance system, our Virtual Patrolling Services allow us to randomly view each of your cameras, and is one of many customizable solutions we offer to provide for your security. Our trained professionals are actively observing your property for criminal activity, and most importantly, when a disturbance occurs, our Central Command Center is the only one that offers immediate alarm dispatch using our exclusive Patrol Vehicles to respond to our crisis.

Remote Virtual Monitoring is a cost-effective means to provide surveillance to remote locations within your community, construction site, or commercial office space. Our web-based software allows monitoring to be completely event driven, meaning the moment a camera detects motion it triggers active monitoring at our Central Command Center. This service also allows for proactive virtual patrolling of an area by remotely accessing the cameras and engaging them in a virtual patrol. Both solutions eliminate the need for expensive DVR databases, and replace them with IVR or internet based recording solutions. Likewise, both solutions utilize our proprietary Virtualguide software to effectively manage the reporting and analytics components of the service. Below are some additional benefits of utilizing Virtual Monitoring Solutions.

Consultation and Software Configuration
Event Based Virtual Monitoring
Dispatch & Response Services
Activity Reports on a Per Event Basis
Real-Time, IP Based 24/7 Camera Monitoring
In House Monitoring Specialist
Real-time Reporting on Incidents
Time & Date Stamped
Motion Triggered Activation
Dynamic Viewing For New & Legacy Systems
Immediate Dispatch & Physical Response to Alarms

Other Services:

Asset Tracking and Recovery
Foot Patrol Tours
Bicycle Patrol Tours
Segway Patrol Tours
Guard Shack Services
Emergency Response
Controlled Access
Executive Protection* (in select markets)
CCTV System Monitoring
Self-Defense Training* (in select markets)

Signal 88 Security

Signal 88 Security
PEORIA, IL 61602