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Divorce & Property Division
Divorce & Property Division
by Borsberry Law Office

Fighting For the Assets You Deserve

Ending a marriage does not mean you give up assets you are entitled to by law. When the marital union ends, what was acquired during the marriage, whether contributed by you or your spouse, is general subject to equitable division. You are entitled to a fair share of what was acquired during the marriage, regardless of whose name an asset is technically in. we have experience with many types of assets, whether a car, house, an item of furniture, a family heirloom, a retirement account, or a personal injury settlement. We also have experience dealing with marital debts, including loans and credit card debt. At Borsberry Law Offices, P.C. in Peoria, Illinois, we understand the contentious nature of property division and diligently protect your rights to your property.

You may be emotionally devastated following the end of your marriage, but the law must be followed. For help, contact us at 309-740-7246.

Ensuring You Get the Property You Deserve by Law

Infidelity or marital misconduct is not factored into the equitable division of property and debts. However, if one spouse is spending or wasting assets or money on illegal activities, or financing an extramarital affair with marital assets, the courts will consider those factors. At Borsberry Law Offices, P.C., we not only have knowledge of Illinois law related to property division, but we also provide compassionate advocacy for clients who have had their lives turned upside down by the sudden end of their marriage.

Helping Our Clients Make Good Decisions in Property Division

Many clients come to us not in the best condition to make vital decisions regarding their future. They may want their own brand of justice served against their spouse. However, the law is the law and you need an attorney to help you put aside the emotions and take productive steps towards the next chapter of your life. Many times, that starts with acquiring and keeping valued assets in your possession, both on a temporary and permanent basis.
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